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10 self affirmations that can change your life for the better

Doubts, stress and anxiety, lack of self confidence plagues all of us. So here are 10 self-affirmations to help get you back on track.
Struggles in office, at home and relationships make us loose faith in who we are. It is time you take back control of your own life.
Use these 10 self-affirmations to help you deal with everyday stress, anxiety and pressure.
I am proud of the person I have become
I am worthy of love and respect
I choose to spend my time away from negativity and negative people
All my struggles have only made me stronger as a person
I learn from each of my mistakes and move forward in life
I do not have to excel in each and everything
I am
strong, self dependent and beautiful
deserve to express my feelings and emotions
It is okay to ask for help when life becomes difficult
My past does not define my future
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Life is beautiful

Live it to its full potential
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