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How to adjust to a new city?

Moving to a new place is hard.
You may or may not have visited the place before
That does not make the move any less daunting
You will be leaving your old circuit and moving to a new one
New culture
New people
New location...
But it does not have to overwhelm you
Here are 10 tips for an easy and smooth transition
Start unpacking and set up your new home
Get familiar with your new location. Go out. Walk around the block
Remind yourself why you moved
Explore the new city: visit markets, check out the commute options, go to the well-known sites
Make new friends. Go on trips with colleagues or neighbors
Stay in touch with your old friends. Call, text and video chat regularly
Establish a routine of good food, exercise and sleep
Do something you have wanted to but did not do before, like pick up a new hobby
Add another location to your routine like coffee shop, library etc.
Allow yourself a good amount of time to adjust
Soon, you will realize that moving is not as bad as it seems
During transition, support matters a lot, both from new people and old
Happy moving
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