10 signs of workplace toxicity

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Find out if what you are facing at workplace is toxicity

Your work is causing you to constantly be stressed out and hampering your interpersonal relationships

Are you bringing your work back home and working till late hours to complete your tasks and still feeling that you have a lot to finish? These are the signs of overworking.

Workplace bullying is a real issue. your employers are making you feel threatened, scared, or burdened with work

Coworkers bad-mouthing one another

You gut clearly shows that something is wrong in your workplace. It is another of the workplace toxicity signs.

Sleeplessness is a huge red flag that something is not right.

Because you constantly expect things to go wrong at your workplace, your brain keeps releasing adrenaline. This adrenaline causes the muscle tightness that you experience.

Microaggression Subtle bias that is hard to ignore

If you feel that your colleagues or seniors are not respecting you or giving value to your opinions, it is another workplace toxicity sign.

The boundaries between work and home life have diminished. Working from home has led to a lot of imbalance in interpersonal relationships.

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