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How to deal with anxiety, depression and everyday stress. Articles focus on the types, symptoms and coping mechanisms
In this commitment and deadline filled world, seld-care is a non-negotiable priority. Articles focus on variety of self-care options.
We all have grey shades. But, too much grey can make relationships toxic. Know the signs of different personality disorders and how to deal with them.

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Hi, I am Dr. Shruti Bhattacharya (Ph.D. Immunology). I am a digital artist, dog mom, dog and mental health blogger and a very strong believer of art therapy


I have always liked observing people. Why they behave in a certain manner in certain situations? Why they react the way they do? I always had a knack of helping others find solutions to their problems. I am also a graphologist. however I never learned how to read handwriting or signatures. It all came automatically to me. For years now, I have been helping others deal with their emotional issues and traumatic past. I am also a strict believer of art therapy.

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